Spiritual Direction

A safe place for a soulful conversation.

It's time to stop gravitating towards what is limiting you and lean into what empowers, elevates and ignites you to transcend your limitations and experience the joy of living out of your unique strengths.

Soul Care Matters

My regular practice is to go to the hair salon every two weeks to experience the pampering of having my hair shampooed and styled. It is an appointment that I have made for more that 20 years because having healthy hair is a priority.

But what about our souls? Should we make caring for our souls a priority?  Should our souls be healthy? Many are focused on self-care but what about soul care? 

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Stimulating conversation moves you forward.

" Joycelyn will help you to dig deep, and get to the truth of what you need to do to move forward ."

There are many things I value about Joycelyn Lewis’ unique coaching style. From the beginning of the session, she sets the tone with a steadiness and calmness maintaining that tone for the duration of our time. She asks the probing questions that helps me to discover the answers I have within. I really appreciate her way of being that takes into account my strong beliefs and allows space for me to listen in accordance with my faith tradition. Joycelyn seamlessly integrates her coaching and spiritual formation in such a way that I know that my spiritual beliefs are honored and fostered.