Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?

Personal Development Coaching,  Leadership Coaching, Organizational Change Consulting & Spiritual Direction

What do you specialize in?

Coaching, Consulting & Spiritual Direction

What are the rates of your services?

Rate ranges from $570-  $750 for six Coaching sessions based on your income.
Yearly Gross Income   Six-One- Hour Coaching Sessions   One Hour Spiritual Direction

$0-$19,000                                                $570                                                                $50
$20,000- $29,000                                 $630                                                                $60
$30,000 - $39,000                                $690                                                                $70
$40,000 up                                                $750                                                                $80

One one-hour breakthrough session: $125

Sliding Scale Rates apply for Spiritual Direction and consulting fees are based on the needs of the organization.

What is the difference between Coaching & Counseling?

 It is important to me that you have clarity about the difference between coaching and other types of professional services such as therapy or counseling, consulting and mentoring. Coaching focuses on where you are presently and where you are headed, with a goal of helping you gain clarity about your vision, eliminate obstacles to your success, accelerate the pace of personal growth and achieve results that empower you to live your best life – professionally and personally. We can focus on any area of your life: Relationships, Finances, Spiritual Life, Work and Business, or Physical Health and Environments. While coaching is forward-focused, counseling tends to deal more with past issues in which you may find yourself stuck and struggling. We may occasionally discuss something that has occurred in the past, for the purpose of clarifying the present, but your coaching will not focus on resolving the past. A simple rule of thumb to know whether you should be coaching or counseling: If your past is an issue, counseling is your best option. If your past is simply a fact (regardless of whether the circumstances were difficult or negative), you are probably ready for coaching. If it appears that there is an issue for which you may need counseling, I will suggest it. With the support of a counselor or therapist, some individuals choose to engage in coaching and counseling simultaneously, but with a focus on different areas of life for each service..

What is the difference between Coaching and Consulting?

A coach focuses on helping you walk your unique path to success. As the client, you are responsible for the results you receive as a result of coaching. I help you discover how to become more of who you need to be to achieve those results and identify what you may need to do differently. A consultant takes responsibility for a specific project, acting as a specialist*, providing specific deliverables and knowledge. I believe in your ability to fully experience your potential and will provide a safe, consistent space for you to develop your potential. 

What is the difference between Coaching & Mentoring?

 As your coach, I focus on the development of people in general, and the development of your unique path in particular. A mentor guides you towards a specific path of development. As your coach I am more interested in helping you onto to the unique and divinely ordained path that is meant for you—which may be quite different than the path I have taken, even though the purpose of our paths may be very similar. My job as your coach is not to tell you what to do, but rather to help you uncover the answers that lie within you. As your coach consider me a catalyst for your success.

What is the difference between Coaching & Spiritual Direction?

As your coach I will focus on helping you to discover the specific strengths that will help you to overcome the obstacles that are getting in the way of achieving your goals. A Spiritual Director helps you to discern where God is moving in your life, what could be getting in the way of hearing God and what types of spiritual practices you can incorporate in your life to help you to become more sensitive to the voice of God for the purpose of becoming more spiritually mature. 

My Spiritual Direction relationships are limited to a maximum of 6 appointments within a six month period and as your coach, you can book unlimited coaching appointments*.

*All fees apply.